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Erin Lonergan
Best bodywork I've ever had. Roger truly understands how our bodies work and are connected. I would highly recommend Roger and mountain athlete massage!
Scott Middleton
Call Roger to get back on trail.  He is direct and effective with musculoskeletal injuries.
Sara Tolley
Roger is very good about listening to me about how I want my massage experience to be. I tell him wear I hurt and he helps to fix me. I am very hard on my body and with regular massage I have noticed that I feel better than ever. I would recommend Roger to anyone. He will take the time to listen to your wants and needs. He will then tailor your massage time specifically to you.
Brad Rhoades
Nicole Ross
Roger is AMAZING! I was referred to him after my car accident, and not only did Roger help my pain with that but he also figured out and fixed my previous work injury that had been bothering me for a couple years off and on. Roger is very knowledgeable and takes his time diagnosing and finding out what is going to work for that specific person and their ailment. Roger is also very professional with everything he does. I would definitely recommend him to anyone for any reason!
Amanda Wilby
I've been going to Roger for a while now, I first done a 6 week course as I was referred to him by my doctor as I was suffering with back pain, Roger worked with me show me how I can readjust me muscles to help with areas I had problems. Since finishing the course I now try to go once a month for a deep tissue massage as I find this really helps my back and I feel so relaxed when I leave! I recommend Rogers services to anyone that suffers with any kind of muscle pain!
Blodgett Family Farm
I first saw Roger at the recommendation of friends. I had recently had shoulder surgery and was experiencing neck pain as result of compensating for my shoulder. After just a few sessions my neck and shoulder were feeling much better! However, I continue to see Roger every few weeks because he will customize each appointment to my needs for that day. Sometimes he helps with headaches; other times just a relaxing massage after a long week. I appreciate his ability to modify the session to address whatever is going on at the time. I give Roger my highest recommendation!
Amy Hartman
Roger is amazing! In just two visits I went from 2 Left ACL surgeries in 3 months(yes, I tore it twice) and two years of not moving to jogging again! Now I am back up to jogging 5ks! His work methods are pretty amazing, and he will get to the root of the problem!
Terri Mintz
Roger is an integral part of my healthcare regime. He has amazing skills and insights both in diagnosing the source of pain and in treating its cause. Since I've started using his services, the chronic aches and pains have improved radically. Thank you, Roger!
Marcia Hale
Went to Roger Hicks for overall body aches and stiffness from beginning a new workout regiment at 64 years old. He is fabulous--professional, empathetic, well-trained, and extremely knowledgeable about how muscles, tendons, joints & brain all work together. He has been an immense help in aiding my continuing to get stronger and healthier.
Donna Drucker
I've had hip pain for better than 10 years. My pain doctor tried everything he could, and I still had pain 24/7. Some doctors didn't even know what it was. Not only did Roger know what it was, but since he has worked on it I am 90% better. Thank you Rodger.
Sherre Waggoner
I like to run and have struggled with tight calves for years and years. Eventually, my Achilles tendon was almost completely bound up. I was in pain while running and was quite discouraged. UNTIL I found Roger. His work is deep and never painful. He moves across the muscles very slowly waiting for the muscles to respond and release. And his intuition is quite impressive. Within four weeks of seeing him diligently, the Achilles was completely loose. I'm running again and it never even hints of being tight. We are now working on the IT band and I feel like a different person. I stand taller. I walk stronger. I feel good. Years ago I committed to myself to get monthly massages as a way to keep my health. I go more often than that right now and can't imagine ever needing a "muscle therapist" other than Roger Hicks. He does incredible work.
Cheryl Abbott
I took my daughter to Roger to help loosen the muscles in her pitching arm. Roger made her feel at ease and comfortable. He was really able to get to the knots in her muscles deep within her shoulder without making her sore afterwards. She has gained more movement in her arm which is in turn improving her pitching.
Raquel Pikula
Roger's natural warmth and understanding provide an easy transition from the hustle and bustle of life to his massage table. His work allows me to ease back into my body relaxed and pain free. Calm and comfortable, his touch allows the work to be deep and therapeutic. Reliable, professional and genuine are a few of Roger's distinct qualities.  Reserve time with him and you will be glad you did!
Debra MacV
Before Roger worked on me I had been suffering with muscular aches and pains in my lower-back-hip area. It had gotten to the point that I was actually taking pain pills in order to get ready for Thanksgiving. After the massage, I felt like a different person, REALLY! I’ve never had a massage like this before. It was the perfect amount of pressure and movement and totally relaxing. I can honestly say that I have NO more aching. I really didn’t expect a massage to deliver the amount of relief that it did… BUT I was so wrong. I highly recommend Roger. I can’t wait until I’m in your neighborhood again.